We all like colours in our life. Bright colours! Almost everything on the canvas of life has a unique colour to it. But when it comes to preserving memories, the only colours that stand out are black and white. These are the true shades of life. Shades, that bring out the timeless quality of the cherished moments. And this is exactly what inspires us at sktched. Welcome to

Our craving to discover more from the true shades of life, led us to develop some exclusive designs and luxurious patterns in pure black and white and in the process became an integral theme of everything we do at sktched™.

Bringing to you, our exquisite range of home furnishing, home décor and accessories with an array of artistic patterns and textures that will not only add warmth to your home decor but will also compliment your own élan.

What more, we also offer realistic handmade portrait sketches, unique wedding sketch album and stylish coffee table sketch books filled with realistic portrait sketches of you and your loved ones. Cherish your memories like never before.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our entire collection here.

On you mark, Get your emotions Sktched™!


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