5 Reasons to use Cloth Placemats for Refrigerator Shelf Liners

placemats for fridge

Cleaning the shelves inside of the fridge can at times be really tiresome. After all, for cleaning the fridge shelves you will first have to remove all the food from the refrigerator, then remove the drawers or shelves and wash them separately in warm and soapy water. Even before you begin the cleaning, you are required to make arrangements for keeping all those food that you are going to remove from your refrigerator. Usually, it will be your already cluttered dining table that will silently shoulder this responsibility. Really a lot of work for a mere 2 square feet of shelf cleaning. So, what’s the solution? How can you ease out the entire cleaning process? And more importantly, how can you save time while taking care of your refrigerator?

The solution is a good quality Cloth Placemat

We figured out that a cloth placemat made of premium quality fabric, like polycotton can actually be used as wonderful fridge shelf liner. Here are 5 reasons why you should use a Cloth Placemat for your refrigerator shelf liner:

Fridge Placemats
Designer Placemats from Sktched

1. Cloth placemats are generally the size of the shelves available in most models of refrigerator.
So, you don’t really have to do any alteration or modification in the existing placemat. Sktched placemats are available in the size of 12″ x 18″ which is almost the size of a fridge shelf

2. A cotton cloth is traditionally considered to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer period.
Sktched placemats are made of premium quality polycotton fabric with a thread count of 200 and a GSM of 290. It has good absorbing ability and enhances the freshness of your fruits and vegetables.

3. No risk of unpleasant odour emanating from plastic, rubber and vinyl placemats.
With cloth placemats, like that of Sktched, there is no such case of annoying smell and therefore every time you open your fridge, the only thing you get to smell is that of the luscious flavours, piquant delicacies, and titillating aroma.

4. Cloth mats can help you organize your fridge and renovate it.
The Sktched designer placemats have attractive luxury designs and artistic patterns that have been exclusively developed by our in-house artists. Bring home these designer placemats from Sktched and add a fresh look to your fridge.

5. Last but not the least, cloth placemats make cleaning the shelves so much easier.
Just pull the placemats out, fling them in the wash, dry them, and put them back on the shelves. Moreover, at times there are leaks from your food containers which are hard to get noticed, and you only find them when it has already formed into a substance that cannot be removed with ordinary cleaner. With cloth placemats, the cleaning becomes so much easier. Sktched placemats are easy to roll, store, wash and clean.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our exquisite range of designer placemats for fridge and bring home a new style statement for your fridge. Store in Style, we say!